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AMT Hardballer Longslide

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Anyone know where I could get my hands on one or two of these weapons?

AMT Went out of business several years ago, and finding one now is getting harder and harder it seems.

The longslide model was a 1911 style 45ACP with a 7inch barrel.

Been lookin for one that I could buy from a ... not so shady lookin site(IE Auction site that looks like craigslist).
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auctionarms or gunbroker are your best shot.

AMT is actually back in business as part of High Standard, but the 1911 has yet to return. These were spotty in quality back in the day and many had jamming issues or galling issues related to the stainles steel alloy. I reccomend you have any you buy chekced out for galling.
Well their 1911s are usually imports from the Phillipines from the same company as Charles Daly and Rock Island Armory.
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