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Ammunition: The thread

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...hell make it into a forum ;)

Ok best plinking ammo? Where to buy it?

Favorite match ammo? Where to buy it?

Favorite home defense? Again, where to buy it?

Post em up!

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This is my plinking ammo, I buy it in the thousands

Match grade? I buy handloads from someone we know

home defense ammo? Mostly 12Ga shotguns with buckshot and last two rounds AP slug sthen Hydro Shock in the H&K USP, Glassers in the .357MAG and 62 grain steel core in my M4 when I have it out (most of the time)
I roll my own! :)
Best plinking ammo= Whatever's cheap without being TOO cheap. Usually end up buying Wolf.

Best match ammo= I really like Black Hills Moly Coated match ammo.

Home defense= Kind of a toss up between HydraShok 230gr (Loaded in the USP) and Hornady TAP/FPD 230gr (Loaded in the Kimber) for the 2 pistols I keep loaded (been thinking about picking up some Speer Gold Dot, though), 2 backup mags for the USP loaded with Federal 185gr Expanding Full Metal Jacket .45, Hornady TAP/FPD 12 Guage 00Buck in the shotty, and Hornady TAP/FPD 60gr .223 sitting around still in the boxes just incase I need to load up the M-4gery (can't imagine why I'd ever need to, but better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it). If you can't tell, I'm a big fan of the near match grade performance of Hornady's TAP/FPD rounds. They're close to match grade accurate, and they're awesome defense rounds. I've honestly never found 00 Buckshot that groups tighter than that Hornady TAP/FPD.

I buy everything from my gun dealer, because I'm one of the few people he'll give a military discount to.
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best plinking is that 2 cent per 22lr round stuff from wallmart.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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