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Far more intelligent and patient people then me, have compiled some great reference documents regarding airsoft over the years

DumboRAT’s Newbie FAQ, v.1.2 - June 2001
This is one of the oldest and most informative posts to get a newbie up to speed. Dated but solid info.

DumboRAT’s GasPrimer FAQ - May 2002
A follow up from DumboRAT geared towards Gas realted airsoft info. Dated but solid info.

Wikipedia's Guide to Airsoft
Constantly updated airsoft info. Some info has questionable accuracy due to the fact some info has been contributed by less then qualified people. But for the most part good inforamtion.

Wut am bestest Gun/Manufactuer/Type?
ORCA's rant on this all to commonly asked question.

Face Protection - Airsoft Hawaii
Great test of face pretection adn how it relates to airsoft.
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