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Airsoft For Sale - Classic Army M15A2 (M4A1) / Western Arms Beretta M92FS

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Time to part ways with my Airsoft weapons. I decided to take some high res pics so i wont post pics in the thread, but links so I dont bog people down.

From the Classic Army website.

Classic Army M15A2 Tactical Carbine
# Description: Easy Disassembly metal body
* With laser 'Armalite' real gun logo, and
* Serial number
# Hi-cap magazine (300Rd)
# 6mm oily steel bushing gear box
# Attachable metal handle
# New steel gears
# Reinforced slip ring
# Nylon & glass fiber hand grip, hand guard
# Metallic hop-up chamber & new hop-up rubber
# High torque motor

Mine comes with a large battery and 3 standard mags as well as the hi-cap and a simple loading tube. Like all Classic Army rifles (to my knowledge) this rifle has a full metal body.


Overall - Detached Iron Sights / Carry Handle

ArmaLite Logo - Magwell

Iron Sight Closeup - Yes they are fully adjustable and have the small and large hole

Receiver Closeup

Its in fairly good condition considering. i have had zero issues with it. The motor still sounds strong and tight. The hop-up has a tendency to slowly wheel back over time.

Fires single and full auto.

Western Arms Beretta M92FS Perfect Version

This thing is nice as far as airsoft pistols go. Its not metal, but its super think ABS resign. with a mag in it its quite heavy. This pistol is a Gas Blow Back type so the slide recoils like a real pistol every shot and locks back when the mag is empty. The pistol comes with one magazine, a silencer w/ pouch and a hard plastic case.

In Case


Frame Branding

Slide Branding

Grip Branding

Disassembled - One of my favorite features is the field strip is just like a real 92. All the way down to the frame lock.

Bottom Closeup

Head on w/ silencer

Down the sights with silencer

The threading on the external plastic barrel has started to ware a bit. its still a secure fit right now but a few more times carried and it will start to loosen up. its really just for fun though, and has no practical benefit what so ever. This pistol was always carried while i played but only saw action a little bit. I have owned it a few years more then the rifle, but its still in great condition.
One other cool feature is the safety. If you lock back the hammer and engage the safety it de-cocks the hammer. with the safety engaged you can not lock back the hammer.
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im lax on pricing. ill take any fair offer at this point.
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