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Adler T-26

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I was purusing online and came across and Adler T-26, aparently the Italian tankers version of the M-1 Garand? I can't find them anywhere on gunsamerica, or gunbroker. Is it even worth trying to find one for purchase?
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It would cost an arm and a leg. I would look for a BM58 or BM 59 which was imported by Springfield for a while as well as surplus. It was Beretta made M1 garands converted to a magazine fed hybrid. It uses mags like teh m14 but is a tanker type Garand.
I want a Garand style rifle, takes me back to my drill team/honor gaurd days.
Its still a garand.

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what's one of those gonna set me back?
Probably around a grand or more depending on rarity and condition. Some are Mil Surp and some were made for Springfield Armory and imported for commercial sale.

It would be one of those rifles that sets your collection apart from others for sure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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