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The following is a thread post made at the Suarez International 'Warrior Talk ' forum by Roger Phillips, Suarez International Specialist Instructor.
I thought it could be useful for folk here in general and as such below is his posting quoted in full.

About As Concise As I Can Get

I had someone ask me how you point shoot with a rifle recently. So instead of running down a bunch of techniques, I just explained the concept of point shooting. As Matt recently pointed out, point shooting is not so much a bunch of techniques as it is a simple fluid concept.

This is about as concise as I get, while still explaining exactly what is done. The more that I think about it the more that I like it. Here is what I wrote.
************************************************** ******

Point shooting with a long arm is the exact same concept of point shooting with a handgun. The basics, all comes down to basic geometry. The advanced application, all comes down to hand/eye coordination that is the bi-product of the basic geometry.

Basic Geometry

Squaring up to the threat

Shooting from your centerline

Gun parallel to the ground

These three things are virtually fool proof. It is almost impossible to miss when these three basic geometry points come together. This is why people are able to point shoot the very first time that they do it.....when taught correctly.

But this is stance and grip dependent and does not bring out the real benefits of point shooting

Advanced Application

Is simply the hand/eye coordination that is a bi-product of the basic geometry.

The centerline is replaced by the visual centerline. Meaning that where ever you look, if the gun is on your visual centerline, you have taken care of the "squaring up" and the "centerline" portion of the basic geometry. The vertical alignment is now taken care of.

This leaves the horizontal alignment. The "parallel to the ground" is your "default." Hand/eye coordination is now a bi-product off of this known "default."

Just focus on the desired point of impact and your mind, eyes, and body will make the adjustments to get the hits.

It really is that simple!

This covers from line of sight all the way to "from the hip".....and everything in between.
All we are looking for is the subconscious mind to get into the fight as soon as possible, in order for the conscious mind to catch up and take over.

Situations dictate strategy, strategy dictates tactics, and tactics dictate techniques......techniques should not dictate anything.

AKA, "Sweatnbullets"

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- Janq

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At short to intermediate distances...e.g. close quarters combat defensive application.
As much applies as detailed not just to rifles but to pistols as well which is how point shooting came to be and was most relevant to in application.

Training sample circa WWII

Real world application as depicted by Jack Ruby shooting Oswald

There are tons of sites and info out there on the internets toward point shooting.
The bottom line is that it's intended for use toward close in defensive/combat shooting upon being surprised (i.e. bad guy gets the drop on you) not for aimed distance firing.

- Janq
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