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A video primer on pocket carry

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What more needs to be said as it's self explanatory;

- Janq
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linky borked
thats a good video and very informative. pockety carry seems to be a method of concealment that most peopls overlook or don't think about i find it very convienient nd comfortable.
MrMcCrackin said:
linky borked
The link works fine for me.
Right click save as FTW...

Jamz there is another version of the same thing that is a huge D/L inside of a zip archive.
The final version comes out to 65MB...whihc is far too large for what this video is.
I didn't post toward that one on purpose for those with dialup and low bandwidth connections.

- Janq
I fix0r3d teh your link Janq. :mrgreen:

Good video though, but why is it always dorky overweight guys in them??
because thats all dorky overweight guy does all fuckin day.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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