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I found this interesting...

But even gun control advocates don't have much reaction to programs that teach gun safety, such as the one in Juneau.

"We generally don't have much of a problem with them as long as the actual firing of weapons is off campus and there's the appropriate law enforcement, professional trainers, present," said Peter Hamm, communications director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

"We think it's far better that people know how to safely handle a firearm than not know," he said.

Sixth grade is an appropriate age for training, if parents approve, he said.

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This concept makes so much sense it's silly.

Not to say all schools should follow this model, but as much toward a recreational pistol or rifle league for after schoolers (like baseball and track) would do well. I've been wondering for ever why as much is not offered as a program in school zones where gun crime is high. It'll teach kids to respect guns rather than treeat them like toys.

Anyway I can't wait for OT to come back online and repost this there.
Folks not to long ago swore that children under 18 could not handle a firearm at all muchless safely, which of course is wholly false.

- Janq

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I carried a .45 around when I visit there and go anyplace in the woods. In one week camping there there were:

2 bears in the camp ground, right outside our RV.

At least one on a nearby hiking trail we were walking up

Saw 2 on the shore while fishing in a boat.

Saw the matted down grass where one had been sleeping recently when I was fishing on a little stream. I could still smell it and flies were all around. I never saw it but it was definately close.

Most states don't have wildlife like that but it definately makes sense there to be allowed to carry, especially if you do anything outdoors.
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