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.600 Nitro Express 'Pistol'

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This thread is crazy!
Click on the movies for much in the way of entertainment...

Kamikaze @ said:
Frame – Thompson Center-Encore Pistol, S.S., Rynite grip and forend
Barrel - Van Horn-Encore, S.S., 17.25” (14.375”) straight bull, special S.S. muzzle brake
Scope mount - SSK T’SOB, S.S. ¼ rib, 6-screws
4 SSK S.S. scope rings
Scope – Weaver Classic, recoil-proof silver, 2x28mm, pistol
Brass – Horneber, .600 nitro Express
Bullets – Woodleigh, .620”, 900gr, jacketed RN soft nose
Bullets – Beartooth, .622”, 1040gr, lead FNPB
Powder – Hodgdon H4831
Primers – Large Rifle magnum
Loading Data:
1040 grain lead bullet
117gr Hodgdon 4831 powder
1200 FPS Muzzle Velocity (14” barrel length)
3600# Muzzle Energy (14” barrel length)
Loading Data (Full Nitro Loads):
900 grain jacketed bullet
158gr Hodgdon 4831 powder
1670 FPS Muzzle Velocity (14” barrel length)
5550# Muzzle Energy (14” barrel length)

The first photo is a comparison table of some of the big bore cartridges that I've fired from pistols. Please note, the first cartridge on the left is NOT the .375 JDJ. I'll have to research my records to identify this one. Thanks to a knowledgeable viewer who correctly pointed this out to me.

The first video clip is me shooting the "light loads"! You may want to increase or zoom the picture size to get the full impact of this experience.

The 2nd clip is an interested party willing to experience it! Carefully, observe what happens to this guy, and the final facial expression!...
VIDEO Kamikaze shoots 600 Lite Load

VIDEO Another Interested Crazy Person

- Janq
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Didja miss this one?



The fat hilbilly dude video made me laugh my ass off.. :lol:
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