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hi everybody
i'd like some opinions on the following subject.
i have a benelli supernova 20 inch barrel and would like to get a second HD shotgun. i've never been a hunter and never will so it ain't gonna be used for that.
i am somewhere between the mossberg 590a1 20inch barrel 9+1 rounds plus ghost rings,a second supernova and a baikal mp 153 !!!
i know all about the first two. i know about the durability, longevity, reliability...i found the supernova to be a superb gun but i want to try something new.
the baikal became a choice after i read all the positive reviews from users. the shortest barrel available i can find is 26inch but i can 'reduce' it... to 20 inch. its capacity is 5 in the mag but with an extension can get to 7 plus one in the chamber. heard that it is really well built and if you follow the instructions about the breaking period it can then cycle anything with no problem.
so the question is if a shortened barrel baikal with the extension can compare with the other two in a crisis scenario or survival.
lets not talk about personal preferences but about realistic reasons...
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