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.... We knew it was comeing.

Call it a "SNIPER WEAPON" that makes it sound much MOAR scary!

HR 654 IH


1st Session

H. R. 654
To ban the transfer of 50 caliber sniper weapons, and otherwise regulate the weapons in the same manner as machine guns are regulated.


February 8, 2005
Mr. MORAN of Virginia (for himself, Mr. CONYERS, Ms. NORTON, Mr. WEXLER, Mrs. MALONEY, Mr. VAN HOLLEN, Mr. WAXMAN, Mr. KENNEDY of Rhode Island, Ms. WATSON, Mr. MARKEY, Mr. WYNN, Mr. EVANS, Mr. TOWNS, Mr. BLUMENAUER, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mrs. MCCARTHY, Ms. SLAUGHTER, Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of California, and Ms. CARSON) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned


To ban the transfer of 50 caliber sniper weapons, and otherwise regulate the weapons in the same manner as machine guns are regulated.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Reduction Act'.


The Congress finds that--

(1) certain firearms originally designed and built for use as long-range 50 caliber military sniper weapons are increasingly sold in the domestic civilian market, and there are fewer legal restrictions on their possession or transfer than there are on handguns;

(2) the intended use of these long-range firearms, and an increasing number of models derived directly from them, is the taking of human life and the destruction of materiel, including armored vehicles and such components of the national critical infrastructure as radars and microwave transmission devices, in addition 50 caliber sniper weapons pose a significant threat to civil aviation in that they are capable of destroying or disabling jet aircraft;

(3) these firearms are neither designed nor used in any significant number for legitimate sporting or hunting purposes and are clearly distinguishable from rifles intended for sporting and hunting use;

(4) extraordinarily destructive ammunition for these weapons, including armor-piercing and armor-piercing incendiary ammunition, is freely sold in interstate commerce; and

(5) the virtually unrestricted availability of these firearms and ammunition, given the uses intended in their design and manufacture, present a serious and substantial threat to the national security.


(a) In General- Subsection (a) of section 5845 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (defining firearm) is amended by striking `(6) a machine gun; (7) any silencer (as defined in section 921 of title 18, United States Code); and (8) a destructive device.' and inserting `(6) a 50 caliber sniper weapon; (7) a machine gun; (8) any silencer (as defined in section 921 of title 18, United States Code); and (9) a destructive device.'

(b) 50 Caliber Sniper Weapon-

(1) IN GENERAL- Section 5845 of such Code is amended by redesignating subsections (d) through (m) as subsections (e) through (n), respectively, and by inserting after subsection (c) the following new subsection:

`(d) 50 Caliber Sniper Weapon- The term `50 caliber sniper weapon' means a rifle capable of firing a center-fire cartridge in 50 caliber, .50 BMG caliber, any other variant of 50 caliber, or any metric equivalent of such calibers.'.

(2) MODIFICATION TO DEFINITION OF RIFLE- Subsection (c) of section 5845 of such Code is amended by inserting `or from a bipod or other support' after `shoulder'.

(c) Conforming Amendment- Section 5811(a) of such Code is amended by striking `5845(e)' and inserting `5845(f)'.

(d) Effective Date- The amendments made by this section shall take effect on the date of the enactment of this Act.


(a) In General- Section 922 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

`(z)(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to transfer or possess a 50 caliber sniper weapon.

`(2)(A) The prohibitions of paragraph (1) shall not apply with respect to a transfer to or by, or possession by or under the authority of, the United States or any department or agency thereof or a State, or a department, agency, or political subdivision thereof.

`(B) The possession prohibition of paragraph (1) shall not apply with respect to the otherwise lawful possession of a 50 caliber sniper weapon that was lawfully possessed before the date this subsection takes effect.'.

(b) 50 Caliber Sniper Weapon Defined- Section 921(a) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following:

`(36) The term `50 caliber sniper weapon' has the meaning given such term in section 5845(d) of the National Firearms Act (26 U.S.C. 5845(d)).'.

(c) Penalties- Section 924(a)(2) of such title is amended by striking `or (o)' and inserting `(o), or (z)'.

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I recently learned in Hunter Education class that muzzleloaders commonly used in the old days and still do today .50 caliber projectiles/bullets.
I'd also learned that modern production muzzleloaders are stupid accurate and flat shooting with very good range. They too are single shot, like most .50 cal boogieman rifles and they are available with quick load fully enclosed 'rapid reload' projectile packages as well.

.50 Caliber Savage 10ML muzzleloader

Savage 10 ML II .50 caliber 360 Extreme Elite - 41.1 IMR 4759 .445" @ 100 yards elite muzzleloader bullets.html

Prior to taking the class I knew nothing, zero, about blackpowder/muzzlloader rifles beyond the mechanics of how they worked.
I'm now signed up for a 'Black Powder Education' course in specific to learn even more.
Now of course the Savage and others is not a Barrett .50 cal combat rifle, but the point remains. Caliber is not the real concern here and these legal types should stop marketing their initiatives as such. The Barrett rifles and their competitors do out shoot a muzzleloader too but thats no reason or justification either considering there are a great and vast number of other firearms that are just as [quote fingers] 'dangerous' as the .50 BMG cartridge and have been in play for decades such as .300 Win Mag.
I don't see people getting all bent up about that and I can buy a box of .300WM at Super Wal Mart in quantity.

Folks argue that these things can shoot down helicopters and airplanes and UFOs. Yeah well so can kids with hand held laser pointers or Ali 'Sam' Jihadi with an RPG or for that matter a homemade domestically applied UAV cum R/C aircraft or a McGyvered Testers model rocket with a homemade chlorine bomb payload.
So what's next, do we ban model rocket engine sales, Futaba radios, and/or gun powder in general?

IBfacetious...but not really.

- Janq

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Some of the new inline muzzleloaders have the bolt design. When you open the bolt, it exposes the rear of the breach plug. This is where you would place your 209 shotgun primer.
CVA also uses this design on some of their models.

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Yes it's now the 110th congress

A 2/3 stage model rocket with a cargo hold some BP and cannon fuse can do some damage, semtex and a pager do a little more damage.

The Savage bolt gun is the only production ML that can use smokeless powder. The new inline; the newest being break or rolling block type actions; can very accurate I have no problem repeatedly hitting a gallon milk jug at 200yds.
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