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22LR target pistol

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I'm wanting to get something that will be decently accurate, I don't plan to compete, but would like to improve the marksmenship. Also, don't want to spend a ton, but I know that decent accuracy isn't $200. $500 isn't crazy to me.

Have looked at the Ruger MKIII and Sig/Hammerli Trailside. Any other recommends?
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Beretta NEOS, Stoeger,
For your application, 6" Trailside 'Target' if you can still find one (no longer in production) then head to the range.

- Janq
Ruger Mark III. They come in a large variety of sizes and prices (300-500). I have the MKIII678H and it shoots really nice. I'll venture to say that this one is a better gun than most people will ever be.
CDNN has the Trailside still for about 300 I think.

Browning Buckmark is a fine gun as well. But the best of teh best is a High Standard or a S&W 41. I myself am partial to the Walther Olympia but they are about 500 bucks used.
Stoeger makes a .22lr pistol?
They did and they are still out there NIB. One was a Luger but thats not the one I am talking about. Their 22lr target guns are licensed copies of Hi Standards but made all out of stainless steel for for a hundred to two hundred less than the comparable hi standard model.
I like my ruger MK1 it has a 7in tapered target brl.

Bull style target brls on the MK2 may be better, I dont know, but I'd bet its cheaper to make.

What constitutes a target gun or brl, or a match gun or brl....nothing but accuracy. Accuracy is consistency and you can shoot a heavy brl pistol longer, and it will usually be more consistent.

Have you checked out the Sig Mosquito or the Walther P22? Some people say the Sig is very picky with ammo while others swear by it. . .
The Sig gun is junk just ask our Headgun Brucelee, the Walther better but far from perfect.

For the money nothing beats a Ruger or Browning. The NEOS from Beretta is supposed to be good as well and the new S&W 22A and 22S is good but has a buffer that tends to be an issue, although a cheap 4 dollar fix.
Adler said:
The Sig gun is junk just ask our Headgun Brucelee, the Walther better but far from perfect.
No, Bruce had a problem with his one to which he never while owning it sent it in to Sig for review and repair.
Yes he had problems with his but he didn't follow steps to see as to why or what the problem was beyond his own review.
After much bellyaching he returned it never knowing what the actual isse was.
There are thousands of Sig Mosquito owners out there who are having zero problem and relatively few others who did whos problems were revised when instructed to follow the OM advisory and swap the heavy recoil spring for the included lighter one as per the ammo brand being used.
One gun by one user who did not even do an RMA does not represent an entire product line that is otherwise succesful..

With that said for a high accuracy .22 I would not suggest the Mosquito as thats not what it was intended for. It's a trail and combat weapon not something for long distance uber accuracy. The now cancelled Sig branded and Hammerli built 'Trailside' is/was the ticket to that end, as relative to Sig product.

- Janq
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I had been going through the whole 22 thing for the past couple months and finally decided on a Mark III hunter(top of the line Mark III). I looked at all the guns suggested here. Really wanted to like the Sig/Hammerli but couldn't get a comfortable 2 hand grip on it. Felt to me like the grip was more designed for 1 handed shooting like the rest of the Hammerli target pistols, plus my thumbs would rub on the slide. The Brownings felt like decent guns, but I personally prefered the Ruger I got over any of the buckmarks(with these two it's like the whole STI/EVO, Chevy/Ford thing)

In the price range, for a target/plinking 22, the Rugers, Brownings, and Sig Trailside are the 3 I'd recommend looking at.

The Sig Trailside has been discontinued though last I heard, so if you want a new one act fast.
Correct...the Sig/Hammerli Trailside is defintiely no more and folks are buying up supplies as they can find them.
The gun was a steal and extremely accurate.
Also correct the grip is design optimized for one hand shooting not two.

- Janq
I have been looking over several forums in the "Ask the experts" areas and have found a ton of people with problems with their Sig Mosquitos. Alot of them were pissed, even after sending it in for repair to find that only CCI mini mags cycle it properly. So I reaffirm my opinion that they are indeed a junk 22 gun. Not the worst 22 I have seen since I own a even more irritating Luger 22lr but if your gun can shoot standard 22lr then its not a good 22lr.

The Hammerli guns are good and I was suprised to see them go since those are nice guns.

Go to and run a search on 'Mosquito'.
A good 95% of the posts are from folks who didn't swap the recoil springs, and upon finally doing so after bellyaching like folks on the net like to do they discover oh my gosh my gun fires reliably now.
It's so common a noob complaint that now folks there crack jokes on those who ask. It's been ongoing for some time this 'problem' which isn't all that uncommon for .22's anyway, needing to math ammo to a given recoil spring or for those with a single recoil spring searchign for an ammo that works best with the stock spring.

- Janq
I know about that the spring swap and it fixes the problems sometimes....I was reffering to the others that did that and tried a variety of ammo like Brucelee did and it didnt work, even after the factory sent it back.

Its just not a good pistol. At most its adequate but for the price there are better 22lr pistols out there. Just because its a Sig doesnt meen every design is going to be good. There are just too many complaints for the pistol to be called good. It seems the reliability is hit or miss kind of like the now defunct Llama 45's. Sig is a much better gun maker but still this shit happens with every firm.
Same story was sung about the GEN 1 GSR and the thing is the vast majority of owners never had a problem.
The few who did, like myself, that sent theirs in for review walked away very happy. Which I am.
But then there were a very small minority who screeched about this and that but like Bruce never sent their guns in for an RMA review or did and just kept belly aching about what had already been revised/repaired or in some cases found to be nothing.
Squeaky wheels they were and are.

Bruce didn't try the spring swap and din't send it back to the factory.
heck I even myself gave him the contact info to do so at one point.
He'll never know what the issue was. The few at SigForum who have had continued issue have not sent theirs in. The only person at SigForum who has and is complaing about an issue is the guy who modified his gun by having the barrel threaded by a third party and added a silencer to it. He then put rounds through it (he says hundreds but wear on the gun looks like alot more than that), either way the frame failed catstrophically and dude made a huge stink about it at SigForum AR15 and I believe a Glock site too. As of current Sig is reviewing his case but ti doesn't look good for him as he'dmodified the gun in a major way that puts him outside of warranty.
This guy is a single exception and the very few others with odd ball issue, which is not Bruce, don't outweigh thousands of units sold and working very fine in owners hands as also reported.
The Mosquito design is based on the P226 which is a very old gun and highly regarded as top tier.

Sig is an excellent gun maker and the Mosquito is fine.
They made an error with developing it to use a high & low powered spring rather than a single poundage but then ont he other hand it allows for a maximum of ammunition potentials.
Remember squeaky wheels tend to squeak while the quiet ones stay quiet and just roll. Bruce complained to high heaven in OT in what 20 threads but not once did he take advantage of the warranty which Sig is well known to be aggressive in supporting. Heck I can atest to that as per my own experiences, and posts at OT, with my GSR.

- Janq
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I know of a couple on instances in which people with mosquitos were only able to to get theirs working reliably with Mini Mags. Infact when one contacted SIG about their misfeeding with standard and normal hi velocity ammo even after swapping springs and trying a bunch of brands, they told him to use only Mini Mags. Sure it made the gun about 95% reliable but for the money it should be less picky than its competitors in the same price range. I mean I can buy a Mosiquito or a Ruger MK3 or Buckmark for the relative same price and the Browning and Ruger will eat anything and shoot accurately. The Sig supposidly has a really bad feel to its trigger and is picky as hell with ammo.

Thats what makes it a bad gun. Its less reliable than its similarly priced competitors and most likely less accurate and plearuable to shoot. It is kind of in the same boat as the p22 which also has a ton of complaints about beign picky with ammo. Most people never have a problem with them but compared to other models there are far more complaints about the gun from buyers.

I honestly think the Mosquito is a 22 pictol for people who want a chep pistol that looks like one of the cooler big brothers. I think its a look thing more than a quality thing. If it looks cool it will often sell.

Like I said the gun is adequate but far from the top echelon of 22 pistols in its price range.
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BTW disrespect intended ever. I have so many people get pissy for me not agreeing with them like its a personal offense.

Sig makes alot of fine guns like the 210, GSR, 226, and 220. But like the M2 Mauser(which saddens me as a Mauser lover) I think they missed the mark on the Mosquito.
I tried everything to fix that problem that the sig had to offer. All attempts failed. '

Sig made a bad product, they put their name on it, they stood by it . What a shame.

Changing the spring made no difference, looking at it wrong made no difference... it was just a shitty pistol that sig produced, and well, thats it.

To replace the .22 I got an AK-22 :lol: Made by some 5 year old kid in the filipippines can shoot more reliably than the sig Mosquito!


(Sorry for the bad spelling and grammar, shoddy keyboard)
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