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22lr conversion kit

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OK So I finally bought my ar15 and I want to get that 22 conv kit so I don't have to spend 20 cents per round. does anyone know how these work, how well they work, and what's the best price for one.

this is the best price I have found so far.
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I have heard that the jam more often then they fire.

I have used a Bushmaster complete upper .22lr, didn't do very well either.
alot of problems with the mags, eventually sent it back to Bushmaster after trying many mags.
I'd put the money for a conversion kit towards just buying a seperate 22 rifle. You'll spend just a little more but you'll end up with 2 reliable rifles rather than only 1 rifle with a conversion kit that jams.
I agree with getting a .22 rifle, like a ruger 10/22
^+1 on the Ruger 10/22. I've got 2 and they've never given me problems.
I think it's better if you get a full .22 upper rather than a conversion kit, but I can't speak to reliability. I'd like to do the same for my AR, haven't heard much bad about the dedicated uppers other than what Ducman had to say, only thing I've heard is that you should shoot a round or two of 5.56 after you take the .22 upper off to blow all the shit out of the gas tube because .22 is so much dirtier and if you haven't guessed by now I failed english 101 when it came to testing us on run on sentances because I am not so good at them. :)
Its not worth the time money or hassle. if you wanna shoot .22 then buy a .22 rifle don't try and turn you ar15 into one.
just buy a ruger 10/22. they don't cost much and you can always fund parts and assecories for them.
If I wanted to shoot a ruger I would have bought a ruger. I bought the ar because I want to shoot an ar. I just don't want to have to spend 20 cents a round just to shoot it. What I really wanted to do was buy a p22 so I could shoot 22lr for cheap because I actually like that gun. unfortunately I am not 21 so I can't.

So I just want to know about the conversion kit. I don't really want to know alternatives, there are plenty of those that I already know about. I just need to know how well these are from first hand experience if anyone has any. ie, thanks for the tidbit on cleaning out the gas tube after I shoot it.
An AR in 22 LR isn't going to shoot like an AR anymore though.

The drop in conversion units are known for being innacurate, the 22lr round is slightly smaller in the barrel, the .223/5.56 twist rates are faster than the optimum for 22lr, people have problems with jams. With the conversions there is nothing to stop the rifle from firing when the round isn't fully chambered. So people have had problems with brass exploding, possibly damaging extractors and magazines, and possibly leaving a squib in the barrel. Shoot another round down the barrel without catching that there is a squib stuck in there and you've got problems.

If you like the P22 I think you should check out the G22, Walthers bullpup 22lr. You sound pretty set on a 22 AR though, so do whatever you want.
see that is the kind of onfo I needed. I wanted to know exactly how well it would work and the diff between the 22lr and the 223 and what difference it would make. I now know that I don't want the conversion kit. thank you.

Here is a full upper for about 250.

Other than that the Ciener conversions are guaranteed to work. If they dony you get your money back.
this is what you are talking about right?

I would rather not get a dedicated upper cause I half the reason I bought this particular gun is because of the look of the foregrip.
But my question is why would you buy a gun that your too cheap to buy the ammo for?
I bought a 44 mag and cant afford to shoot it more than once a month.
blzrd said:
this is what you are talking about right?

I would rather not get a dedicated upper cause I half the reason I bought this particular gun is because of the look of the foregrip.

Yeah thats the one I am talking about.
Adler said:
I bought a 44 mag and cant afford to shoot it more than once a month.
I don't shoot my 44 more than once a month either, thats why i have guns that have more affordable ammo that i can shoot more often and and larger amounts of ammo out of.
cause I had my heart set on this od green set of firearms. one was that ar, and the other was a p22. well unfortunately 19 year olds can not buy handguns in utah, so I had to get the next best thing. the AR. and yes I could have gotten a ruger or some other 22 lr rifle, but I am absolutely in love with the look of ARs. ever since I started playing counter strike, the m4 has been my favorite gun. exept for the p90 because of stargate SG1. but the civilian version of that gun is like $2,500 and it has that ugly freakin 12" long barrel sticking out the front. *eww uggly :x "

So I had to get my ar. And I could just go shoot it like every other month, but If I can buy a piece that makes it so I can shoot it as often as I go airsofting and accually be able to pop off more than just a few rounds, I would love to be able to get that.

understand my reasoning?
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