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STiDreams said:
It has been a very long time since I looked into it but I thought suppressors were legal if the state you live allow it and you pay the $200 fed transfer tax.
Wanna know something crazy? Fully automatic weapons are illegal in WA even if you pay the $200 tax, but silencers aren't illegal if you pay the $200 tax.

Vostok 7

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A lot of the suppressors (not silencers) you see are fake and just for looks. Anything that reduces muzzle noise in any fasion, that is affixed in some way to the gun, is considered by the BATFE to be a sound suppression device, subject to the background check and tax stamp.

To ignore this is to risk the wrath of humorless men in suits and sunglasses.

You can suppress the noise of a gun by shooting it within an enclosed space, but it can't be attached to the gun- i.e. you can line up tires, fill them with foam, and shoot through the hole, thus reducing noise, but it's illegal to try the old coke bottle trick. Plus I can't think of any way to get the sights around it. :p

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Meat-Lad said:
Are .22 caliber hand guns exempt from regular silencer laws?
hope I dont catch shit for this
Nope, they aren't exempt, however, that doesn't mean it is any more or less difficult to obtain one. Like mentioned above, all you need to do is fill out the proper paperwork, go through the background check, have your local sheriff sign off, and pay your $200 tax stamp as per the NFA guidelines. You see them on .22 caliber weapons most often due to two reasons: cost and the over all low noise of the weapon to begin with. It is much easier to muffle a quiet noise to be more quiet. You will find many suppressors to be in the 400-600 dollar range, and subsonic ammunition to be readily available, and only a nominal increase in cost.

Though I doubt my first AR will have one, I am strongly considering doing a follow up build of a SBR AR, with an optional suppressor. Sure, it will add $400 to the build, plus the cost of the suppressor, but having it will allow me to use it on my 10/22 if I so desire, and I'm sure it will spark up conversations at the range. Frankly, I also think its the polite thing to do for people that live within ear shot of the range, and other range goers who bring younger children to the range, but may not outfit them with the proper hearing protection.


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Thats what I keep telling myself! Its the polite thing to do so go get one... I think il get my micro carbine finished first. Just ordered the 7.5 inch barrel last night for my AR-15 5.56 pistol, There LOUD AS HELL! Im going to use that upper for a SBR one day.
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