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200 Lumen Surefire G3 $75

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So Unabomber from Nabisco posted this in a candlepower forum and I thought it would be cool for you Gunatics.

This could be the making of a serious weapon light!

200 lumens for $60!
Here is what you do:
Surefire G2 $30
Surefire AN14 $6
Surefire B65 $4
Surefire P91 $20
Surefire G2Z bezel (optional)

Swap out the bezels. Pyrex is better insurance against the added heat, but not totally necessary I suppose. Put in your P91. Add the extender to your G2 body. Drop in 3 123 batteries. Saw off the appropriate amount of B65 to make a custom spacer. Put on Tail cap. Enjoy 200 lumens of power!

if you didnt want to buy the surefire C3 ($139) or P3 ($79) plus the $25 P91 lamp assembly
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Whats a B65?
Nice - I was wondering HTF you were suposed to cut a battery.

If you have converted your 6P, Z2, or C2 to a rechargeable flashlight with the KR2-BK kit, and wish -- or need -- to temporarily use 123A lithium batteries instead of the rechargeable B65 battery, you'll need to drop a Z29 into the flashlight in order to take up the extra space left when the B65 is removed. The Z29 is actually a solid piece of machined aluminum that acts as a simple conductor.
MrMcCrackin said:
DaButtKraken said:
Nice - I was wondering HTF you were suposed to cut a battery.

its surefire "magic" - you cant do that with just "any" flashlight!

because its a surefire you CAN cut the battery! LOL

Any pics of the difference in the brightness?
MrMcCrackin said:
just ordered some more goodies from Surefire to create some more magic!

AN14-BK = Battery Adapter for G2 - $8.00
Z19 = Pyrex lens kit for G2 - $3.00
P90 Lamp/Reflector = 105 lumen for 60 min - $25.00
P91 Lamp/Reflector = 200 lumen for 20 min - $27.00
A12 = Battery Adapter for weapon light - $32.00
Z29 = Battery Spacer - $6.36
SF12-BB = Box of 12 Surefire 123A Lithium Batteries - $21.00

look for some updates with comparison of:

Inova T3 - 85 lumen LED
Surefire C2 - 105 lumen incandescent
Surefire G2 - 200 lumen incandescent
Not to mention you also ordered parts for me too, because you freakin' rock!
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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