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Hey 1911 experts, I've had my Dan Wesson(my first 1911) for a while and decided to get to know the pistol a little better and do a complete disassembly, clean and lube rather than the typical field strip cleaning.

Following some online instructions I found I managed to disassemble it and reasemble it with no real problems. The instructions were for an internal extractor model though.

On my external extractor it looks pretty straight forward. I figure you just push the extractors pin out and off it comes. I kinda pushed on it a little on each end and it didn't budge. I didn't know if it was directional so I didn't push to hard, plus started wondering if anything was going to be a bitch about putting it back on with the spring under there. I just reasembled the whole thing and figured I'd mess with it next time after I'd figured out how.

So is it pretty straight forward, or should I just not bother with it?

Oh a side note, same question for the mainspring housing. I saw the pin to take that apart completely, but there was a lot of spring tension in there and decided against messing with it. Would it be a bad idea to take it down?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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