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Hey 1911 experts, I've had my Dan Wesson(my first 1911) for a while and decided to get to know the pistol a little better and do a complete disassembly, clean and lube rather than the typical field strip cleaning.

Following some online instructions I found I managed to disassemble it and reasemble it with no real problems. The instructions were for an internal extractor model though.

On my external extractor it looks pretty straight forward. I figure you just push the extractors pin out and off it comes. I kinda pushed on it a little on each end and it didn't budge. I didn't know if it was directional so I didn't push to hard, plus started wondering if anything was going to be a bitch about putting it back on with the spring under there. I just reasembled the whole thing and figured I'd mess with it next time after I'd figured out how.

So is it pretty straight forward, or should I just not bother with it?

Oh a side note, same question for the mainspring housing. I saw the pin to take that apart completely, but there was a lot of spring tension in there and decided against messing with it. Would it be a bad idea to take it down?

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After removing the firing pin, gently remove the extractor. Go slow and avoid scratching the gun. A small screw driver levered against the inner sufrace of the slide helps remove the extractor. The extractor is one of the most touchy parts of the gun and must be handled with caution and kept very clean. It pulls the spent cartridges from the gun and it's adjustment is critical. Although the part is pretty tough and safe to clean, only a competent and experience gun smith can adjust an extractor which has been bent out of adjustment.

- Janq
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