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  1. Rifles
    The charging handle of an AR-15 is not used for chambering around alone. It is also a component that clears out the bullet. From either side, you can charge the AR15. That won’t be a hindrance at all for individuals who use the AR-15 as their primary weapon. What matters is the right level of...
  2. For Sale/ Wanted Classified
    I want to give you a 25 % discount for the opening of our shop, just use coupon code : 556892112025 We are company producing walnut stocks from 1989 but now we are entering the web. Stay updated for new promotions & products and subscribe to our mailing list. Also if you like us please share and...
  3. New Members
    Hey guys! So I was going to put my link for my website up on here. My boss is selling AR-15 80% lowers by the bucketload. His place is called Bear Arms Customs. There are a lot of places that are sold out of these gems. The gun online store is called Beararms Customs. Go to the link and get them...
  4. For Sale/ Wanted Classified
    eBay Listings: Dual Illumination Holographic Dot Sight, Tactical Flashlight, & More! Hello GunForums, BackWoodSports here. We've recently listed a few items from our inventory for quick sale on eBay. Feel free to take a look at the following items, or browse our website for our complete...
  5. New Members
    Another day at the Office - YouTube
1-5 of 6 Results