There is a new product out there, from Advanced Gunslinger Armament, that I want to share with you; the Hybrid Instant Transition (HIT) Sling Mk II. The HIT sling is built from a one point sling foundation for optimal use in urban or close quarters applications (LEO's or Military). With either a Daniel Defense or Midwest Industries Quick Release (QR) that is included quickly allows for the transition to a two point sling. The HIT sling also features built in retention and it's controls are easily distinguishable when the rifle is slung over the back, accommodating either muzzle up or muzzle down.

Designed from quality 1" nylon webbing and weighing in at 5.5 ounces, you get the choice of buffer tube attachments (HK Hook, Mash Hook, or QR swivel) and color (Desert Digital, Multicam, or black). Also available is the Over The Shoulder Kit, which uses Fastex to secure the rifle over the shoulder from the single point.

Check it out, I'm trying to help my buddy get off the ground!