From Left to Right. CVC Fiberglass Bump Helmet, Gentex DH132B, Gentex DH-132

I've owned a CVC (Combat Vehicle Crewman) helmets for a long time. Recently I've been seeing CVC Helmet conversions being sold on eBay, but with questionable claims and titles on their history.

These are simply the outer shells of CVC helmet, with a new suspension and chinstrap system installed. Night vision goggle mounts, Velcro and goggle retention straps are optional, but easy enough to add-on if you wish. When shopping on CVC helmets, there are a few types to look out for. A full ballistic kevlar shell, a lighter weight ballistic kevlar shell and a fiberglass only shell.

The helmets can easily accommodate headsets and hearing protection (i.e. Peltors, Sordins, etc) due to the high ear openings.

I usually use a set of USGI 4 point chin straps which come in either black or ACU green. On the above helmet, I used the 2011 Ops-Core ACH Head-Loc™ Retention System H-Nape. It costs 3-4 times more then a USGI setup, but it is worth it if you plan on wearing the helmet for periods of time. The Ops-Core strap system is very easy to adjust and made for use with things like NVG's or other devices which may unbalance the helmet.