I went by the local gun shop to get some cheap soft sided cases for easy range transport and they had some affordable cases by Bulldog. Unfortunately they didn't have the size I wanted, so I went online for them. For about the same price as I was going to pay for their base model cases at the local store I got their higher end "tactical cases" which seem more durable and have some mag pouches.

I got 1 35" case for my AR with a 16" barrel and collapsible stock. 2 40" cases for my other AR and M1A. Everything fits, some just barely, but I wanted them to be nice and snug in there.

For the price I don't think they can be beat. Their quality actually seems good regardless of price, but I guess only time will tell. I got all three of my cases for cheaper than 1 similar style case from a big name outfit.

The bulldog website:

Where I ordered from: