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Get both king!

Yes the materials and stitching are noticeably different between SOTech and Paladin lines.
I would rather support Americans and keep jobs in America.

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I had one of those, a clone, but same basic design.I carried it through a trade show for about 3hrs and HATED it. The single strap design sucks for cross body carry and in 1/2 backpack mode, it digs into you. Great for in the car. Terrible to carry with weight for any amount of time.
I love mine. I don't carry a ton of weight in it, but it works out really well for me and I carry it all the time. I could see if you wanted to carry quite a bit of weight how it would be a PITA for extended trips (10+ mile treks) but It isn't really designed for that. The weigh constantly shifting, uneven load, etc would get old REAL fast. Guard duty bag, weekend bag, range bag, daily tool bag, etc etc it is awesome. BOB would suck, use as anything over a 48 hour bag would also suck.