So, I looked long and hard to find this last year. Finally did over Xmas and paid $600 + accessories. I think I have maybe 100-150 rds through it new.

I've added the ATI 3pt harness (clips were hard to come by). I replaced the stock butt-cap with one from the GSG-5P that has the stud for the harness (again, hard to come by).

$500/shipped to your FFL from mine. Includes stock 10rd magazine, three 22rd magazines, 3pt harness, cleaning pull string, OEM case, tools and rimfire insert (to dry fire).

I've decided to buy a conventional pistol and a .308 rifle, so, this won't have much use. It's fun to shoot and ammo is cheap (I'll throw in a carton of new Federal .22LR HV).

I'll get actual pics up ASAP....but, for now, here's what we're talking about: