Universal Suppressor or Suppressor, Attachable to Any Firearm of a Given Type and More
Steven Stanley Bayes
[email protected]

Introduction :

Very unlikely, but the availability of a universal suppressor may be a good idea in the rare cases when soldiers need to use such on a gun which is not their own and has not been specifically made to take any suppressor.

An example of AK47 has been used in this article but the same applies for any gun.

Description :

There is there a possibility to manufacture these:

a suppressor for AK 47
a flash hider for AK 47 ( may be combined with the suppressor )
a barrel extension for AK 47

The difficulty is: all of these must be assembleable to any AK 47 by anyone anywhere without special tools and machines. Even though the quality may be decreased.

In other words, anyone with special permission ( ATF allowed ) should be able to purchase these carry these with or without a STANDARD AK 47 and affix any or all of these upon desire. The suppressor and the flash hider must be able to be attached to the standard AK 47 barrel.

The barrel extension must increase the accuracy of AK 47. This increase is obviously paid with longer barrel which results in heavier and longer weapon.

The biggest problem is how to attach anything to a standard non threaded barrel. The present suppressors and attachment all use a special thread which is not available on standard guns. One way would be to equip the user with field aim remover and threader to make a thread on the field.

The other idea is to attach an attachment to a standard AK47 using the bayonet attachment canal on the standard AK47 as well as the aim, the barrel and the gas feedback pipe as well as the cleaning rod or the existing cleaning rod support after removing the said for attaching and support.

A standard circular spring attachment with some locking extension to lock on the aim, barrel and feedback pipe may be used : much like what is on the bayonet, just sealed from all angles as much as possible and with attaching extensions to be locked on or around the aim, barrel and feedback pipe as well as the cleaning rod. .

This is a software approach to weaponry: one has a standard, off the shelf weapon which does not need to be brought to a gun smith but, instead, one can purchase plugins and quickly assemble the desired configuration.

In Addition :

A special stock or stock attachment which:

telescopes retractably
folds UNDERNEATH the AK 47 in a way similar to the original foldable stock BUT does not go near the magazine thus one can put as huge magazine as one wants and still be able to fold the stock. The side foldable stocks are incredibly inconvenient, limit the handling capabilities and, most importantly, shift the center of gravity to the side which may be detrimental in balanced use, for example, inconvenient single hand shooting, around the corner shooting, left hand shooting ( for right handed and vice versa ), female shooter.

In other words, the suggestion is to manufacture light foldable stock, same as the original but retractable with a possibility to fix the position of retraction where one wants and to use two types of fixes: quick fix which is not permanent but strong enough as well as permanent fix ( stable fix ), as for example a bolt through fix, teeth and gear fix, etcetera.

The business idea is obvious: anyone with an AK 47 would like to purchase these when the price is right. The political problem is also obvious, though: a lot of people who should not have guns at all have AK 47 or others alike. These would also benefit from these tools.

Summary :

A possibility for manufacturing attachments such as a suppressor, a flash hider, a barrel extension which can be used with any standard weapon without requiring the special thread current manufacturers use. This will allow the user not to alter the weapon and use these attachments. This may also help soldiers in the rare cases when they acquire another weapon and need to suppress this or to hide the spark or to increase the accuracy.

In addition, a new type of stock has been examined to counter the presently popular and inconvenient side folding stocks.