Olympic Arms has had a pretty shady reputation since the Clinton Assault Weapons ban. Shortly before the first ban Olympic Arms put out a series of extremely low quality cast aluminum recievered AR-15 at an extremely low price. These recievers had the tendency to blow up, causing Olympic Arm's reputation to blow up with it. After that ban however, their quality has seemed to have improved greatly. Recently on a limb I purchased their Plinker Plus flattop(5.56x45). I was shopping for an AR for my brother and at $700 after a short visual inspection I thought that couldn't be beat. Recently I'm even more impressed with it. Their "Plinker" model is a typical M4A1 style flat top, however only lacking a Bayonet lug. After deeply inspecting said rifle I've come up with the conclusion that Olympic has really stepped up their game. At $700 not only does it have added frills like a dust cover, shell deflector, and forward assist, it also comes with a Match grade barrel. This was a HUGE win in my opinion, especially since most AR's in this price category have pencil profiled barrels. The Match grade barrel on the plinker allows the barrel to heat up much slower preserving accuracy for longer. It doesn't come with exceptional furniture, wearing the standard M4A1 stock set. The rifle has a 1:9 buttoned rifled chrome lined barrel, the chrome lining being another feature typically unheard of in "budget" AR's. Upon further inspection the rifle is of milspec dimentions and milspec quality in all essential parts of the rifle. The Impingment piece on the top of the bolt carrier was securly fastened and "tacked" in place. meaning they pinned the sides of the bolts to keep them from loosening. It has the typical A2 flash hider and a matte finish on the barrel. The upper and lower reciever are coated black. This rifle has had about 200 rounds through it with zero malfuntions of any kind, this being with minimal maitenance.
Olympic Arms seems to be producing an excellent bargain AR and comes highly reccomended.