This was built by troy Sellars. It has the following parts.

1. Windham weaponry 4150 nitride barrel us made
2. Polenar tactical red fiber optic front sight shipped over here from Slovenia.
3. Magpul akm handguard us made
4. Magpul moe plus grip us made
5. Magpul ctr us made
6. Master mount safety us made
7. Childers cg3 receiver us made
8. Red star arms hammer us made
9. Red star arms trigger us made
10. Red star arms disconnector us made
11. CNC warrior hard chrome gas piston us made
12. ALG recoil spring us made
13. ALG hammer spring us made
14. AMT (Athens Machine tool) 4140 forged front trunnion us made
15. Meridian defense rivet in m4 trunnion us made
16. Spikes tactical 7075 t6 buffer tube
17. DPMS castle nut
18. BCM gunfighter qd end plate
19. SOE gear bungee sling us made
20. Meridian defense bd2 ak us made.
21. Rs Regulate 301 lower
22. RS regulate akml upper
23. Holosun 593gu-fde red dot
24. Krebs rear peep.
25. Rs regulate bmt light mount
26. Fenix pd35 1,000 lumen light in camo
27. Fenix flashlight mount.
28. Talon grips on the handguard

This gun was kg kphos inside and out and then kg gunkoted od green.

The tan metal parts were parkerized and then cerakoted by Lewman Arms in florida.

It was built on a virgin cugir md63 kit from center fire systems. I sold off all the parts I didn't need.

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