I live in Connecticut, where the gun laws arenít as friendly as other places. Theyíre actually kind of weird to be honest. In Connecticut you canít own an assault weapon, which they define as basically any semiautomatic centerfire rifle with at least one of the following features: a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds, has a flash suppressor, has a telescoping stock, is less than 30 inches in length overall, has a pistol grip (they define this as any grip that would allow any other fingers other than the trigger finger to be below the action). If you want a simpler way to look at it, itís pretty much an AR-15 (restricted) vs a Mini-14 (non-restricted).

However, you can bypass all this with a major loophole. There is a sentence written in the laws stating that if you build it yourself from a number of parts that are under only your control, then it is not an assault weapon, or in other terms, legal.

I donít believe itís as extreme as milling out your own receiver, however, I donít need to build an AR-15 if thatís what youíre thinking.

My favorite gun of all time is the M14/M1A/Mini-14. I love the shape and all. You can own the mini 14 unrestricted, however, in order to own the M1A, the gun that I want, it canít have a threaded barrel / flash suppressor. If I build it myself, could I put one on? This is just me personally, but I think it looks silly without one. It doesnít even have to be a FH, it could be a muzzle break too.

My other option is to get a Mini-30 in 7.62x39, which is legal, and then get an M1A later on when Iím in a state where they are non-restricted.

So my final question here is build or buy?

P.S. I will be getting both down the road, this is more of a matter of when. I will be using this gun for deer hunting and the such, and shooting at targets with friends.

Thanks in advance!