I've recently come into a new job that will allow me to have enough flexibility financially to purchase a gun or two from time to time. At the moment I only own a shotgun and a mosin to mess around with when I go home to some wide open family land for some target shooting and fun. I've been looking into the EAA Witness line of pistols for some time because of the 9mm/.22 combo gun being at a fairly reasonable price for essentially two guns, I just can't seem to find one. However, I went into a local pawnshop today and was looking around and found the gun that the witness is based on, a CZ75, sitting on the shelf. It is a CZ75 police in 9mm, lightly used with a case and two mags for $500. The guy working the counter was a young kid, about 19, and I was able to talk to him for a bit and pick his brain and he told me that the gun has been on the shelf for over 2 years. Now obviously I won't say that the kid told me how long the gun has been sitting in there, but knowing it has been in for a decent amount of time and the fact that it's not a mainstream firearm to just anyone who is looking to buy a gun and isn't slightly informed, how much should I go in there and offer? Several forums on pawnshop etiquette have advised on the "pawnstars" technique of offering 50% of the asking price and working from there, but realistically I would like to form a good connection with this shop because they have a fairly large amount of solid inventory. I'm not sure if it is 100% worth it to me for $500, but is $400 to low to try and work out of them? I'm aware that pawnshops vary from place to place and even day to day for that matter, I'm just looking for some helpful input from anyone who has knowledge of pawnshops and overall gun enthusiasts as to if this gun and deal are worth my time/money. Thanks, Nick.