The IMI Kidon Pistol Conversion allows for different pistols to work in a chassis. There are adapters that allow the rear assembly work with a specific pistol.

I wanted to do two modifications. First I wanted to suppress a firearm in it. I accomplished it through using a longer barrel. I also removed the flash hider.

After getting an AR Pistol, I liked having a folding adapter. I wanted to have that also for the IMI Kidon Pistol Conversion.

Problem is that the Law Tactical folding adapter is for an AR Pistol platform. It has to be modified to fit onto a flat surface on the upper of the Kidon.

My friend used a Dremel to cut the upper half of the oval that fits upon the notch of the AR. Another tough part is using the provided tool to turn the nut that secures the folding adapter to the Kidon. We improvised by using a thick hardened steel to turn the bolt.

Needless to say, it is very versatile and reliable for suppressed/unsuppressed, aluminum or brass case, subsonic or supersonic ammunition.

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