Push-Button Mechanical Lock

The Simplex mechanical lock on the Fort Knox has more than 1,000 conceivable code blends, which means potential criminals won't most likely break it without some genuine experimentation. It's sans battery, so you don't need to stress over the lock losing power or failing.

Solid Construction

The effectively strong structure was given an update in 2017 to make it considerably more alter safe, and we're dazzled by the weighty ten-check steel development.

Gas-Strut Assisted Door

Overwhelming doesn't mean ungainly with regards to this sheltered: gas swaggers help the protected's entryway raise and lower securely, making it simpler to open and close.

Lifetime Warranty

Fortress Knox connects a lifetime guarantee to its safes and inward bolting components to warrant them "free from deformities in material or workmanship" for whatever length of time that you claim them.

Made in the USA

Since Fort Knox makes the majority of its safes directly here in the US, the organization keeps up an elevated requirement of value control and is exceedingly receptive to worries about structure defects in its items.

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