Hello my name is Beau and I'm new here. I did come here for a reason, to get the opinions of a few fellow gun folks. I have three questions for all who feel like responding.

1.) Would you buy a multi-cartridge capable rifle (capable of a change in cartridge with an exchange in barrel, bolt, and magazine.) over a traditional bolt action? Assuming; it didnt sacrifice accuracy, magazine capacity/coal length, it didnt have timing issues, was ambidextrous, and was affordable.

2.) Would you buy a multi-cartidge capable revolver (more than industy standard. example 454 casull/45 colt, 357 magnum/38 special, 44 rem magnum/44 special.) over a current offered revolver? Assuming; it didnt require moon clips, didnt sacrifice accuracy, have issues ejecting cases, was concealable, and was affordable.

3.) Would you buy a modular semi-automatic pistol over current offered pistols? Assuming; it was available in common cartidges( 9mm, 10mm, 45acp), it was ambidextrous, didnt sacrifice accuracy or capacity, and was affordable.