I went to court today as a witness for my Mom in a DVO EPO situation regarding her ex. I learned he had a criminal history that involved kidnapping and assault in a prior EPO DVO situation. He put her in the trunk of a car and almost beat her to death so heís obviously a dangerous lunatic. Iím concerned about my Moms safety. She has a 357 for home defense and she had an air weight 38 SPC that I had loaded some wadcutters for her. That gun is missing and Iím afraid her ex bf may have it. I want to get her something for home defense and personal carry. Ideally I would like to get her a semi automatic shotgun like a Benelli M4 however I donít know if she could handle that in a 12 gauge. Probably 20. I just donít know. She wants to switch to a pistol for her carry weapon. I want to get her something without a safety because she goes blank under panic and I want it to be super reliable and accurate. Iím not comfortable in going lower than a 9mm. Iím trying to get suggestions. All are welcome. Thanks.

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