Primal Grow Pro The bench press is one of the most popular and effective movements for creating larger, stronger shoulders. Like the bench press, squats and deadlift, it gives you a significant return on the money spent. Our goal here is not to praise an exercise that you already know, but to demonstrate new exercises that you can use for professional shoulder training! We asked a diverse group of athletes to choose their favorite shoulder exercise. Try some of these valuable exercises during your next workout! About this exercise: I was looking for a way to tune my technique in almost every shoulder exercise to use my upper latissimus dorsi as much as possible. This is especially true with lateral lifts. I am beginning to train my deltas with these lateral lifts in order to fatigue the middle deltas and increase the connection of the mind and muscles. To better reduce the interaction of the upper latissimus, I focus on maintaining the direction of the shoulders down, which allows better isolation of the deltas. Another trick I learned is to add isometric hold on top of the movement. Therefore, when my elbows reach the height of the shoulder, I pause for a second, before slowly, controlling the weight, lower it down. Keep a very slight bend at the elbows throughout the approach. Focus your elbows at the point where the upper arms are parallel to the floor and the wrists are slightly lower. Try to maintain this shape when you hold the weight at the top. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps with very light weight. I use 4-7 kg dumbbells most of the time to avoid any jerky movements and to minimize the interaction of the broadest muscles. Isolated lateral lifts lying on their side on an inclined bench Courtesy of Stan De Lonex About this exercise: This exercise works on the head of the middle delta at a different angle than typical side rises while standing or sitting. As for any muscle group, I change the angle of movement.