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The Ayoob Files: The retired Marine and the robbers

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This is a blow by blow follow up to the report from months ago about the elderly WWII era Marine who suffered criminal victimization at the hands of two BGs, both of whom were armed, as he was enjoying a late night dinner at his local Subway sandwich shop.
This event was reported in a thread here and it made national news although the details as presented here were not known to the public.>


- Janq

Again...Anytime, anywhere, any body...and yes even if the BG or even BGs plural are armed you still as a single person _as armed_ very much can be effective and _successful_ in saving your own life where there is no ability or time to 'dial 911', even when you are 71 yrs. old such as this gentleman still is today.

Additionally take careful note of his methodology as in direct combat toward stopping the first BG and quickly transitioning so as to go to work toward same against the second.
All of this occurred within the confines of a restroom. At such close combat distances everyone can smell everyones body odor, breath, and there is no place or space to take cover nor dash to hide and conceal ones self.

This event occurs and could have occurred to anyone.