Modes of Citizen Weapon Carry

Modes of Citizen Weapon Carry

This is a discussion on Modes of Citizen Weapon Carry within the CCW Conceal Carry forums, part of the Gun Forums category; Very often amongst gunfu forums and amongst persons real world including citizen to LEO encounters the question of weapon carry comes up. What is 'Concealment'? ...

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    Modes of Citizen Weapon Carry

    Very often amongst gunfu forums and amongst persons real world including citizen to LEO encounters the question of weapon carry comes up.
    What is 'Concealment'? What is 'Brandishing'? What is 'Cover'?

    This has been going on for years as a question even though the answer is quite simple.
    Below I've taken a moment to tell and show what each term means and does not mean as applied specifically to citizen on body carry of arms be it a firearm, handgun (carry of longguns is generally not lawful with exception of a handful of states and specific conditions), and edged weapons.


    One entry found.

    Main Entry:
    con·ceal Listen to the pronunciation of conceal
    transitive verb
    Middle English concelen, from Anglo-French conceler, from Latin concelare, from com- + celare to hide — more at hell
    14th century

    1 : to prevent disclosure or recognition of <conceal the truth> 2 : to place out of sight <concealed himself behind the door>
    synonyms see hide

    Source - concealed - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    To my view and understanding it's pretty clear what 'concealed' means and does not mean whether it be my sidearm, my wallet, my person (as concealed from another person), or whatever else the subject might be.
    This topic comes up often and yet I do not understand what the question or debate is about. Concealed means "concealed".

    Printing is not being concealed nor is it concealment. That is being covered.

    A firearm covered such as at an IDPA event that can be discerned at all as being existent and in place is not "concealed" per the definition of the word.
    It is though 'covered' and as such is within the letter of the sports rules as a game, but cover is not specifically concealment.

    If your state laws state that the firearm must be "concealed" then that means 'concealed'. See the above definition per the wise guys of Merriam-Webster.
    If your state laws state "covered" then well that is something wholly different by definition than 'concealed'.

    Below are images toward various states of carry to further clarify...

    Open Carry
    [Carry of a firearm in a manner that is clearly visible to an observer. As done with purpose and general intent of dress and/or as holstered carry mode. This is an overt means of possession and retention.]

    Concealed Carry
    [Weapon is not only hidden from sight but is not detectable by visual analysis. Tactile secondary level analysis is required to detect or confirm presence. This is a covert means of possession and retention.]
    "Here is a photo of me with the PF-9 in my right-hand front pocket. You really can't tell anything is there."

    Source - Mousegunner's Review of the Kel-Tec PF-9 Pistol

    Covered Carry > Printing _and_ Exposed
    [Weapon is intended to be concealed but in actuality is done so poorly if even barely and _is_ detectable by visual analysis]
    "One more remark about the PF-9 and pocket carry. I would NOT consider carrying it in my BACK pocket, as some would like to do. It is just a bit too large, which makes it drag down the rear of your pants, and also hard to draw. Here's a photo of my PF-9 in my back pocket."

    Source - Mousegunner's Review of the Kel-Tec PF-9 Pistol

    'Deep Cover' Carry
    [A mode of carry that is not only undetectable by visual analysis but also is not detectable, without regard to environmental conditions such as a high wind blowing open your IDPA cover jacket, but also will pass low level tactile scrutiny as well including common events such as a cordial hug, body bump, or basic body movements and tasks such as running, jumping, bending over, and being seated and returning to a standing position. This can and does vary not just on method of weapon carry but also on body placement and how the individual moves and goes about performing the above tasks]


    [An overt act in the display of a weapon so as to intimidate or place others in fear. Brandishing is unlawful and on the books of every state in the US. DO not do foolish stuff like this as it will cost you your freedoms and future 2A rights.]

    I personally 'Deep Cover' as my EDC norm and have learned and practiced to modify my physical self in movement and action so as to support as much in addition to keeping numerous different types of firearm specific and magazine holsters to support this mode of carry.

    - Janq

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    Good info Janq. Wink also tries to carry deeply concealed and can vouch for the fact that a proper gun belt will assist this greatly. It will hold the holster closer to your body thanks to being constructed of thicker leather and/or having a reinforcement rib in it.

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    +1 for quality belts. I like the kind made from two layers of cowhide with a ply of kydex in between.

    I've run such a belt through airport security dozens of times and only once did anyone pay special attention to it. A TSA agent in Orlando running the x-ray machine saw it on the monitor, took a closer look in person, and said "hey I have one like this too. How do you like it?"

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    I've actually been using a Blackhawk CQC 1 1/4" belt. It works well to support the weight of the holster and doesn't look out of place around the office.

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