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A good example toward what 'brandishing' a firearm is

This is a discussion on A good example toward what 'brandishing' a firearm is within the CCW Conceal Carry forums, part of the Gun Forums category; Also, something like this happened right in front of me about 4 years ago. I was waiting at a stop light second car in line ...

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    Also, something like this happened right in front of me about 4 years ago.

    I was waiting at a stop light second car in line with a car in front of me, and a car next to him...

    My friend Cal and I are just shooting the shit when we see the car in front/left of us pull out an HK USP (Probably airsoft since they were teens and I doubt they could get a USP) and point it directly at the head of the driver of the car directly in front of us... I write down the lic plate number, the both skid away and we pull into the driveway of a gas station... as luck will have it I see a city cop drive right by us and gets held up at a light not 2 mins after the assault... I ran up to his car, explained everything really quick, gave him the lic plate number, as well as my number... he peels the hell out and takes off like a bat out of hell towards the car that did this...

    We drive up the road shortly after and the cop has them pulled over and out of the car with 4 other squad cars...


    People are f'ing idiots man...

    Oh! I almost forgot, on 9/11 2001 I was driving my Subaru RS which is all race prepped with race decals from the previous SEMA show, including the graphics were German flags on my widows with my last name on them like a real rally car... I'm driving on the freeway home from work after our building was shut down due to security, the freeway is almost deserted during rush hour as I'm cruising along at about 70mph listening to the radio of the events that had unfolded that day. I get into the middle lane going about 70-75 and accidentally got in front of this big ass RV home that was hauling ass (in the middle lane when he could have been in the left lane)... As they pass me the passenger sticks out of the window, spits towards my car, yells out that I'm a nazi and how I should get out of this county... They then pull out a revolver and point it at me after I flipped them off and gave them the jack off motion hand gesture and laughed... I notice that the revolver is CLEARLY fake, very much of the plastic chrome and it wasn't a real gun, I could just tell... Since I didn't have a cell phone at the time, and I warn you, I may or MAY NOT have done this, I may have remember that I had an airsoft MP5K under my seat which was broken and didn't look very real if you knew your guns, but looked real enough, the events of the day had me is such disarray and I was angered beyond comprehension (from the days events, not to mention this), that I grabbed the MP5K, took it out in plain view, not pointing it at them, cocked back the POS fake plastic charging handle, and all I hear is: "Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhhhhh h".... They just hit the gas as hard as they could and stopped on the freeway and backed up a bit in the shoulder and took a nearby exit... pwwwwwwwwn3d!

    Wish I could have called the cops on this douche nozzle, but I was a dumb ass and didnt have a cell phone. These people were from out of state btw.

    Remember, I may or may not have done that, and It was on 9/11 so tensions were running high and there were no other cars around. Probably one of the dumbest things I may or may not have done.

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    that is a funny thing you may / may not have done.

    some out there with toy guns just do not know how stuped they are pointing the toy at someone.

    as some of us out here have real guns we can point back at them...of course in self defence of our lives.

    lets see "they" little plastic bb's...."us" high speed lead????


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