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So did they ever catch Perez or not.

This story has been very confusing...

Shoots a cop, gets caught, let go erroneously by jail/detention center, US Marshalls track him down to a mall...Miami Vice style running gun shoot ensues, Perez takes a gut shot and runs across the street to Baja Fresh (!) and takes a knee. So called hostages walk out and then Pereze comes up with his hands up minus his shirt.

But then he goes missing once more?! WTF is this dude Mike Meyers or what?!

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Perez still on the loose, last I heard.

Yea, it's confusing.

This guy was not Perez, but a friend of, one who did time with and was released about the same time as.

Originally the marshals got a tip that Perez would be at the mall, so they were there already waiting.

This douche bag is driving by the mall, gets spooked by a helicopter and pulls into the mall parking lot, is acting crazy and an officer mistakenly identifies him as Perez, shots fired and dude escapes into the mall and out across the street to the restaurant where yet another officer identifies him, mainly cause he is waving a gun around, and they evacuate the restaurant and this guy keeps 3 employees hostage for over 3 hours, even gets into the safe to get cash like he is going to make a break for it.