KAC Bullet Flight for iPod/iPhone, version 2

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    KAC Bullet Flight for iPod/iPhone, version 2

    Knight's Armament recently released version 2.0 of their iPod / iPhone ballistics application, and it has lots of new features. Version 1.0 was discussed here:

    First time around, I said summed it up like so...
    So I give KAC Bullet flight 8.5/10. Add features 1 and 2 and it's ready for special ops. Add features 3 and 4 and it's ready to go in the next Cabela's catalog.
    Version 2 is much improved. It's got everything a serious OPERATOR could possibly need for serious OPERATING. Plus it's really handy for normal people, too.

    Version 2.0 is a free upgrade if you own KAC Bullet Flight 1.0. The user interface is the same as before, shiny Mac styled buttons with a coyote tan color scheme.

    External ballistics now support multiple drag formulas: G1 for regular rifle bullets, or G7 for very low drag boattails. They've added 5 new utility functions too, one of which lets you manually calculate ballistic coefficient based on chrony measurements at 2 different ranges. Say for instance, one set of screens at 10 meters and a second chrony right in front of the target farther downrange. I realize this app is meant for long range rifle shooting, but the lack of "old school" drag formulas could be an issue if you shoot silhouette pistol, muzzleloader, or black powder cartridge rifle.

    On the plus side, they've added a HUGE projectile database for commercial bullets from Barnes, Berger, Hornady, Lapua, Nosler, Sierra, Speer and Swift, plus a whole slew of military 5.56, .308 and .50 cal loads, plus 5.45x39.

    The app comes pre-loaded with several weapon profiles for military platforms and KAC products. You can modify these or add more profiles of your own creation. The initial 2.0.0 release broke compatibility with v1.0 profiles, causing the app to crash, but the v2.0.1 update fixed it so old profiles now work again. Profiles let you specify muzzle velocity, (far) zero range, sight height above bbl centerline, MOA-per-click for both windage and elevation, bullet mass, and ballstic coefficients for up to 5 velocity bands.

    There are now THREE calculation modes: simple, full, and "range card".

    1. Simple mode gives you big scroll wheels for 25 yard/meter range increments, a wheel for wind velocity, and a wheel for wind direction.

    2. Full mode has a 2 column array of input fields, imperial units on one side and metric on the other. You can mix and match units as you see fit and it will still work properly. Very handy for people who think in mixed units. In full mode you must enter a precise range, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, angle (up or down), wind speed, wind direction, and altitude. If your iPod is mounted to your shooting platform you can use it to get the instantaneous angle up/down. In the app options, separately, you can also choose to enable coriolis correction (with inputs for latitude and azimuth), and a choice to enable spin drift calculation (but rifling twist rate is not adjustable).

    3. Range Card mode is almost the same as full mode, except that you enter a maximum range and range increment, then move forward to a separate display screen to see the resulting range card. The range card shows:
    bullet drop in 2 different units of your choice (inches/cm, and MOA/milliradians),
    wind drift displayed the same way,
    and clicks of elevation and windage needed.

    Simple and full mode display similar results as the range card display, but only for a single range. In addition, they'll tell you velocity at impact, energy at impact, and time of flight.

    Also new in version 2.0 are five new utility functions.

    Utility 1: Projectile Stability. Uses what I assume is Greenhill's formula to determine bullet stability, given muzzle velocity, twist rate, caliber, bullet mass & length, temperature and barometric pressure.

    Utility 2: The huge rifle projectile database. Includes commercial bullets from varmint sized up to .50 cal from many manufacturers, plus military loads. Aside from two .45-70 Gov't loads and one for .30-40 Krag, there's nothing preloaded for cast lead bullets. It's still a huge list of projectiles.

    Utility 3: A system to calculate actual ballstic coefficient, based on velocity measurement at two separate ranges. This is really handy, as long as you're willing to risk setting up a 2nd chronograph a good distance downrage.

    Utility 4: A mil-dot range estimator, w00t! Shows a picture of a mil dot reticle with dot size and spacing labeled. Lets you enter how big an object is in either MOA or milliradians.... then tells you object size and range in both metric and imperial units. Fucking. Awesome.

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    That thing blows my mind... Talk about high friggin tech!

    Shooters 20 years ago would have never imagined such a tool. This is the next step in sniper tech and I love it!

    I wonder if they make a red display for night vision so you don't go blind looking at some colorful screen at night.

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